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  • Service technology information management system
    Service technology information management system
    Solve the problem

    Today, most technical information creation processes are discontinuous and outdated, producing traditional static, document-centric publications.This makes product information obsolete and difficult to find and understand in a service environment.Include:

    · low degree of data sharing and reuse

    · long development cycle: for example, it takes at least one person a month to typeset a 2,000-page maintenance manual, and it takes a lot of energy to search for multiple applications for the same change.

    · limited accuracy and uncontrollable development quality: especially for changes that involve multiple reuses of the same content, it often takes a lot of efforts, but there are still loopholes.

    Realized value

    Technical information management solutions provide in-depth product knowledge throughout the product life cycle to improve product performance and service performance.Include:

    · shorten the development and release cycle: for example, the layout and release of the maintenance manual can be reduced from four months to 2-4 weeks.

    · improve publishing accuracy: the accuracy after reusing information is expected to reach 100%.

    · realize on-demand release: realize automatic release according to project configuration requirements.

  • Service technical information solution warranty and service contract management
    Service technical information solution warranty and service contract management
    Solve the problem

    With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry in the past decade, a large number of products have been produced for customers to use.Now these products have entered the after-sales warranty stage, and more and more enterprises have realized that the quality of product warranty service has a crucial impact on customer satisfaction and corporate profits. At the same time, the following major problems need to be solved:

    · how to deal with customer's warranty request quickly and effectively.

    · how to control the cost of warranty service.

    · how to improve product quality through warranty service.

    · how to generate revenue through warranty services.

    Realized value

    Warranty and service contract management program can bring the following value to the enterprise:

    · automatic verification of warranty coverage.Through a large number of business rule Settings, automatic approval of warranty claims cases, to provide work efficiency.

    · centralized management of warranty, return and supplier recovery business to reduce the cost of enterprise warranty and claim.

    · realize closed-loop warranty analysis and statistical report, and promote continuous improvement of product quality.

    · provide better contract opportunities and renewal services, and increase new sources of profits.

  • Electronics & High-Tech
    Electronics & High-Tech
  • Successful Cases


    • According to customer requirements, this project adopts the iMeSuite solution of meilin to establish a unified structured document management and release platform, and adopts the structured manual document technology based on DITA standard to achieve the structured management and release of documents.

      DITA standard is one of the most popular international standards for the definition of structured information DTD.

    • Through the implementation of the project, the product document structure, online editing, typesetting and batch change will be realized to improve the document generation efficiency and shorten the research and development cycle.The iMeSuite solution has the following features:

      1.Unified platform

      2. Unified standards

      3.Improve efficiency

      4. Global delivery

      5. Closed-loop management

    • Megalink has promoted and implemented many successful cases based on the DITA standard in China, which is an open and neutral standard suitable for customers' needs.

      IMeSuite is a professional structured document management and release platform with independent intellectual property rights. The solution of iMeSuite covers the whole life cycle management of document preparation, management, release, review, change and application.

      Megalink was founded in 2008, with the cutting-edge structured information processing as the core technology, focusing on the enterprise information field services, to provide enterprises with technical information management system.Since its establishment ten years ago, meijialin has completed many influential cases in heavy industry, aviation, automobile, clothing, electronic high-tech and other fields, and is a technology information management service provider with a good reputation in the industry.

      In the course of ten years of service, megalink has been adhering to the belief that: become a reliable customer, can be entrusted with the task of partners.

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