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Convert lifecycle data into actionable intelligence Assist in design, manufacturing and maintenance work The life cycle of data into executable intelligence, help design, manufacture and maintenance for airlines and MRO industries, both internally and externally
Whether it is with suppliers or customers, there are very complex and demanding supply chains. PTC solutions and services are the core of the real world with the digital world fusion
A radical change in the way to deliver highly specialized and complex solutions to their operational supply chain.
Successful Cases TDMS solution is to meet the specific needs of airlines ideal
Shenzhen airlines
Kunming airlines
Spring airlines
Shenzhen airlines co., ltd. was established in November 1992 and officially launched on September 17, 1993. It is mainly engaged in aviationPassenger, goods, mail transport business joint - stock air transport enterprises.Shenzhen airlines owns Boeing 737NG,There are more than 100 passenger and cargo aircraft of various types, including the 737MAX and airbus 320330.There are abundant domestic and international routes.It has 57 business offices at home and abroad.Since its launch, the company has maintained 13 years of profitability and 14 years of safe flight to improve its imageSafe flight excellent service, good economic benefits and effective management mode has won wide praise from the society
  • Business drivers
    In order to solve the structural problem of shenzhen power card, it can not only improve the efficiency and accuracy of power card revision, but also generate single power card and mobile device application signature.Analyze the OEM's structured manual as the source of internal files and manual editing of shenzhen airlines.Integrated and unified management of maintenance engineering module work, established correlation and data flow of upstream and downstream manuals and documents according to business logic, realized unified management of engineering module data, and supported reliability ana...
  • Solutions
    Import and analyze solution structure manual based on PTC products Windchill, Arbortext Editor and Publishing Engine, write structure chemical card, generate and publish stand-alone work card.Engineering document management, evaluation, to EO structured document preparation and release.Maintenance program from OEM MPD file import analysis, to airline maintenance program preparation and release.
  • Implementation result
    Establish an enterprise-level and extensible unified technical document management platform, realize the unified management and sharing of maintenance files, improve the efficiency of work card compilation and revision, and shorten the cycle of work card revision.
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