The journey of digital transformation of heavy industry manufacturing enterprises

Published: 2019-01-08

Founded in 1989, Sany Group co., ltd. is the world's fifth largest construction machinery manufacturer.It owns two listed companies, sany heavy industry (SH, 600031) and sany international (HK, 00631).In July 2011, sany was listed in the financial times global 500 with a market value of $21.584 billion.Sany's acquisition of Germany's Putzmeister in January 2012 changed the competitive landscape in the global industry.In 2017, the popularity of sany brand was further enhanced: in the list of 'China's top 500 listed enterprises by market value' released by Wind information, sany heavy industry was listed with a market value of 63.4 billion yuan.Together with 25 well-known brands such as China aerospace, alibaba, huawei, tencent, etc., it won the honor of 'huapu award' of China brand festival.



Opportunities and challenges in the new era of heavy manufacturing

The current market environment and competition pattern are changing constantly, and enterprises are facing the challenge of digital transformation and upgrading.How to achieve the transformation of enterprises from 'made in China' to 'created in China' has become a major task for operators.Sany has never been limited to the present. Adhering to the concept of 'quality changes the world', sany is trying to grasp the industry trends in order to get a head start in the revolution of intelligent manufacturing and Internet of things.

Sophisticated equipment requires detailed and accurate after-sales service technical data to support, and the rich product line and product upgrading aggravate the complexity of sany management service technical data.As a leader in the heavy industry, with the brand going global, sany requires the rapid establishment of product service information management system, sorting out the business process of service technology data management.



Megalink Solution

Megalink will help Sany to establish a complete set of service and technical data management system. Based on Sany's existing business, it will conduct demand analysis on the group's service and technical data business process, issue service and technical data management plan, establish standardized service data compilation and release mode, and develop standardized document template.

The project content includes: overall planning of service technology data section, collaborative research and development data, SBOM management, 2d illustration, 3d illustration and animation, structured manual, one machine one book, integrated management, system report, system integration, data migration.



Why choose Megalink

Meglaink has rich experience

Megalink was founded in 2008, with the cutting-edge structured information processing as the core technology, focusing on the enterprise information field services, to provide enterprises with technical information management system.Since its establishment ten years ago, Megalink has completed many influential cases in industries such as heavy industry, aviation, automobile, clothing, electronic high-tech, etc., and is a technology information management service provider with a good reputation in the industry.

Megalink helps enterprises achieve sustainable development

In the course of ten years of service, Megalink has been adhering to the belief that: become a reliable customer, can be entrusted with the task of partners.

In the implementation process, mei-jialin not only helps customers to establish advanced management system and information system, but also transfers consultants' knowledge, experience and thinking method to customers' employees, so that the enterprise has a group of backbone, which is more conducive to the sustainable development of the enterprise.


Megalink service technical data management system

Create value for customers

The accuracy of SBOM data is guaranteed

Illustrations are related to the 3d model

Quick update is available

Structured editing of technical documents

Reusable existing data

Improve work efficiency

Check for automatic typesetting based on standards

Improve file quality

Provide special style customization service

Just tweak the template and you're ready to go

A manual that meets the customized needs of the customer

Help improve product manuals and brand fit

Multi-channel multi-language release soon

Establish a professional and international brand image

Support companies going global

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