Coming soon, YFPO smart factory can be expected in the future

Published: 2018-12-29

These days, while new words such as 'industrial Internet' and 'made in China 2025' have become familiar, there are few concrete examples of success in a field where manufacturing is a key part of a company's core competitiveness.In this context, yanfeng biot MI system was successfully launched on September 30.It indicates that the foundation of yanfeng biao's future smart factory has been laid.


YFPO MI system conference site


Client Introduction

YFPO exterior decoration system co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as YFPO) is a supplier of automotive exterior decoration parts. In the past ten years, YFPO has adhered to the quality policy of 'continuous improvement, exceeding customer expectations' and become the partner of Volvo, Mercedes, BMW, Volkswagen, gm, gac, saic, changan and other automobile manufacturers.



YFPO's“Small goal”

Due to the current domestic haven't reference case, plus there are many different kinds of factory equipment and non-standard equipment, such as complex and involves multiple enterprise application system, in order to project the success of the foundation, YFPO leadership chose more than ten years of domestic big customers system complex project case, know more about Thingworx in-depth implementation of the service team - Megalink for project implementation.

For wang, the small target is 100 million yuan.For YFPO, this small target is an anting factory (more than 20 factories in total).After listening to the strategy of 'Think Big, Start Small, Scale Fast' proposed by PTC and Megalink, the relevant leaders of YFPO quickly selected anting factory with better conditions for the pilot project according to the preparation of iot smart transformation software and hardware proposed by Megalink.

In the subsequent survey of business pain points, the two sides hit it off with the initial plan proposed by Megalink regarding the pain points of unplanned shutdown and energy consumption management, and the project entered the implementation stage with intense efforts.On June 22, the YFPO smart factory project launch conference was held, and on September 30, the MI system was successfully launched.


A system platform based on factory roles

Chai jing mentioned the sentence of Chen gadfly in 'see' : 'pain is pain, the thought of pain is wealth.Further, thinking about solutions to pain points and acting on them is wealth.After the implementation team entered, the team had an in-depth understanding of the YFPO business. The following three business modules were developed based on the previous input. According to the business scenarios and user rights, all three scenarios were 'applied' by the 'rapid application creation' feature of the PTC Thingworx Internet of things platform.




Device - system communication middleware

So what are the devices behind these apps that need to be connected to the kiosk factory?Is a number of production equipment, smart meters and security monitoring equipment.The Thingworx Connectivity industrial Connectivity suite supports over 150 PLC and other driver protocols, enabling the team to quickly connect all the devices via the Thingworx platform's 'fast Connectivity' feature via configuration only.


Between device and device, device and system

Responsible for data communication middleware


Transparent operations

Supported by the data of the Internet of things, the platform realized real-time status monitoring, PLC warning and abnormal warning of key parameters for the equipment.

▷ Energy consumption monitoring

Monitor the energy consumption, compare the energy consumption of different teams, and calculate the energy consumption per unit output according to the output data.

▷ Chart analysis

Real-time monitoring, warning, data storage and chart analysis of the equipment;

▷ Key process monitoring

To monitor key process and quality statistics, according to the accumulation of process quality data, using Thingworx Analytics machine learning module modeling analysis, found in many parameters, flow of chemical reaction to the traditional process of logical analysis, the combination of the impact on the process quality more factors, using the power of big data to improve the quality of process, reduce the quality problem of quadratic cost.



Move closer to the smart factory

At present, the YFPO smart factory project has entered the second stage of in-depth reference. AR technology will be introduced to establish equipment visualization and virtual display center, and the thingworx predictive analysis engine will be used to establish the preventive maintenance system of production equipment to achieve the goal of zero downtime of the production line.


Using ThingWorx Analytics

Gain strong IoT insights

◎ Use automated IoT data to implement predictions and recommendations to improve the quality of decisions.

◎ Analyze historical data and support the identification and investigation of data after the event.Help manufacturers better understand the factors that lead to failure and enable r&d to improve design.

◎ With an intuitive, user-friendly interface, non-data experts can also turn raw industrial IoT data into forward-looking insights.

◎ Real-time detection of abnormal phenomena, reduce the problem solving time.

Business value

Improve production equipment error model

Failure capture rate: 61% vs. 1% (originally)

Ensure more efficient use of service resources

Ability to predict failures

Creates opportunities to sell new maintenance services

Better forecasts will drive smarter sourcing of components

And higher profit margins



YFPO MI system was successfully launched, but for mei-jialin, the standard of 'fishing' is not only to teach customers to use a set of customized system, but also to enable customers to form a set of their own standards and capability reserve, which provides possibilities for 'scale fast'.YFPO team's support and input in the project converged, and finally harvested the 'fishing'.

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