Spring airlines

Published: 2018-12-26

In order to realize the application of mobile devices in front-line maintenance, structured documents are needed in the front end.Therefore, the TDMS system of spring airlines takes the TASK in the structured manual as the management of granularity, and integrates the maintenance information system (MIS) of spring airlines to compile and manage the work card.The results of the compilation and management will be published on the mobile device side for direct invocation and signing by the outfield personnel.In the process of TDMS construction, it is also considered to improve the efficiency of the compilation and management of spring aviation work card and reduce the burden of engineers.At the same time, improve the accuracy of the card and the timeliness of the revision.To improve the convenience, maintenance efficiency and precision of field maintenance personnel.

Through the implementation of aviation TDMS system, the following values are brought to customers:

  • Establish a unified management platform to achieve knowledge accumulation;

  • Adopt structured management to improve the accuracy and deepen the application of technical information;

  • Provide more accurate and timely information to field maintenance personnel to improve work efficiency


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