Megalink take part in PTC Forum, shows its extraordinary "10" power

Published: 2019-01-08

On December 11, the annual PTC Forum China was successfully held at the Shanghai international convention center.The theme of the event is 'Breaking through the boundaries of industrial innovation, a new era of integration of digital、physical and people'.

美嘉林参与PTC Forum 展露非凡“10”力

PTC Forum

What's interesting about PTC Forum?

美嘉林参与PTC Forum 展露非凡“10”力

As PTC platinum agent, Megalink participates in the exhibition together with other PTC partners, including Rockwell, Ansys, Microsoft, huawei, HP, etc., to jointly explore more complete and cutting-edge industry knowledge, products and solutions, and promote industrial innovation.

美嘉林参与PTC Forum 展露非凡“10”力

This event has welcomed over 1200 guests from all walks of life. Through the sharing of important customer cases, the essence and value behind intelligent manufacturing are analyzed to inspire enterprises to create a 'booster' of competitive advantage.In the afternoon, IoT, AR, PLM and CAD were discussed in detail.

美嘉林参与PTC Forum 展露非凡“10”力

Event Highlight

▷    New augmented reality experience

▷    Break down the walls of the digital and physical worlds

▷    Use the new technology of Reality Editor

▷    Shows and controls the logic behind the physical world

▷    Live interactive Demo presentation

▷    360 degrees embody the interaction and integration of numbers-object-people

美嘉林参与PTC Forum 展露非凡“10”力

The representative of Megalink demonstrates AR application to the customer

What strength does Megalink has?

Megalink was founded in 2008

It has been 10 years

As a PTC partner 

Agent PTC across the board products

Agents with full PTC product line implementation capability

Megalink is the largest SLM implementation provider of PTC in China

Many PLM project implementation cases

Has nearly 100 implementation consultants and industry experts

Among them, more than 10 consultants have years of experience in PTC original factory

Megalink is well versed in the professional business of automobile, heavy industry, electronic high-tech, aviation, clothing and other fields

美嘉林参与PTC Forum 展露非凡“10”力

Megalink booth

美嘉林参与PTC Forum 展露非凡“10”力

The interactive interaction with enthusiastic atmosphere

10 years since its establishment

Megalink has always believed in the following credo:

Become a trustworthy customerA responsible partner


Megalink is using IoT & AR 

Facilitate the interconnection of data and objects

美嘉林参与PTC Forum 展露非凡“10”力

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