2017 China technology communication BBS conference in Shanghai

Published: 2017-10-19

November 1-2, 2017, Chinese technology Communication alliance founding conference and 2017 China Technical Communication Forum was held in Shanghai everbright convention & exhibition center, and held the third session of the China association for standardization technical service committee meeting, and award issued by the industry (group) 2: huawei technologies co., LTD., Shanghai Megalink software technology co., LTD.Educational contribution award (individual) : Wu Dan, Xi 'an international studies university.


From left to right: zhang xiuchun, President of the alliance; jin yonghua, general manager of meijialin;
wang xudong, head of the data architecture department of huawei; wu Dan, deputy dean of the school of education, xi 'an international studies university

The meeting sponsored by the China association for standardization, a branch of the China council for the promotion of international trade business industry, cooperated with globalization, standardization, ecology into the theme, aims to promote the healthy development of China's technical communications industry to establish the ecological environment, promote to establish technical standards in the field of communication and promoting the dissemination of Chinese enterprise technology in line with international standards.

The China association for technology communication was initiated and established by the China standardization association. Zhang xiuchun, deputy secretary-general of the China standardization association, was appointed as the chairman of the association. Han tao, director of the technology communication research center of the China standardization association, was appointed as the secretary-general.

Vice President of union including: national electrical information structure, documentation and graphic symbol standardization committee secretary-general, huawei technologies co., LTD. Department of information architecture, zte document department minister, southeast university school of foreign languages MTI education center director, associate professor of Peking University school of software and microelectronics, the CEO of Shanghai Megalink software technology co., LTD.


In his speech, zhang xiuchun, President of the alliance, said that with the high development of information technology and the increasing technical complexity of products, technology communication has developed rapidly.On the occasion of 'made in China' entering the era of brand competition and global competition from low-cost competition, it is the mission of China's technology communicators to promote the technical data business of Chinese enterprises to be in line with international standards, and to embody the service spirit and professional technical ability of 'made in China' brand.

The alliance brings together experts, scholars, cutting-edge enterprise users and domestic and international service providers in the field of technology communication in China to become an internationally influential technology communication industry group.The alliance aims to establish a good industry ecological environment for the development of China's technology communication, including establishing industry norms, studying industry development needs, making full use of domestic and foreign resources, and promoting the technology development and talent training of domestic technology communication industry.Efforts will be made to build a tripartite exchange platform among the government, enterprises and academia to promote research, learning, application and promotion of cutting-edge technologies for technology communication.


Technology to spread Chinese BBS is China standardization association annual technical communications industry summit, mainly to invite industry experts and technology to spread the application of cutting-edge enterprises, is the spread of the technology for the development of new technology and process, the domestic information, content, automation, information design, structural composition and metadata, terminology, library construction and management and the cultivation of professional personnel, to communicate, and the healthy development of domestic technology communication industry, to boost made in China to participate in the global competition, in-depth discussion.

This 2017 BBS industry gathering of elites, not only on the specific enterprise technology communication practice, the industry is facing the trend of technology development in-depth exchange, but also on the current Chinese manufacturing to the world background, how the technology communication industry rapid development, in order to adapt to the requirements of enterprise technology communication were discussed.The alliance proposed that the industry development should have a global perspective, the establishment and revision of various related standards, and the establishment and improvement of the industry ecosystem, so as to promote the healthy and rapid development of China's technology communication industry.

Gao yongmei, secretary general of the national technical committee for the compilation of electrical information structure documents and standards for graphic symbols (SAC/TC 27), introduced the new revision trends of related standards -- GB/T19678.1.Huawei technologies co., LTD. Information architecture department minister wang xudong did titled 'on-demand information service: trends, impact and response strategy' the theme of the speech, to share the product information in recent years, huawei's achievements and challenges facing the smart era, puts forward the tactics to support the content + on-demand information services, information services on demand).Europe association for technical communication, Dr. Michael Fritz has brought the technology spread frontier theme 'intelligent information demand and delivery standards,' ali group, localization and translation center director wang Lin introduces the practice of the enterprise 'the Internet under the scenario of multilingual strategy', IBM host information development department manager, information architects, designers, Lin card 'product information the digital transformation of' speech, a line of technical communication applications are faced with the problem are introduced, and IBM's solutions are put forward.In the special discussion, yao xin-shou, secretary general of China council for the promotion of international trade (ccpit) went out and discussed with experts how to solve the problem of integrating technical data with international standards.

In addition, representatives from Japan association of technology communicators, zte, Eaton electric, zhejiang university, southeast university, xi 'an international studies university, Beijing university of information technology, meilin, SDL, HansemEUG, Dakota Systems and sikang have brought new development and achievements in their respective fields.A common theme heard at the conference was how to provide users with the information they need.Mr. Wang xudong, head of the data architecture department of huawei, said, 'we should present simple information to customers and leave the complex process to ourselves', which aroused strong resonance among the attendees and became the speech frequently quoted by speakers.


On the afternoon of February 2nd, the organizer launched the activity of 'technology communication BBS enterprise tour', and organized 32 participants to visit Shanghai meijialin software technology company.Mei-jialin presents a new case and new product of its technical data management -- fangdian.As an enterprise-level technology data cloud product, fangdian replaces traditional WORD with structured document technology, which is very convenient to reuse, work together and publish on multiple platforms, bringing brand-new changes to the editing and publishing of technical data and arousing heated discussions among participants.


This conference is an influential one in the field of technology communication in China so far. It will bring new development ideas and inject new impetus to many Chinese enterprises undergoing service strategic transformation and participating in global competition.

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