"Intelligent · zhengxing" 2018 China automation and intelligent manufacturing service annual confere

Published: 2018-12-26

On March 16, 2018, PTC participated in the 'zhi dao zheng xing' 2018 China automation and intelligent manufacturing service annual meeting sponsored by gongkong, OPC foundation, China industrial Internet standard technology alliance, institute of integrated technology and economy of mechanical industry instruments and meters, and international cooperation committee of intelligent manufacturing industry in Beijing.


In 2017, China's manufacturing industry maintained a steady and sound momentum of development, with the pace of upgrading accelerating and the growth of high-tech manufacturing industry accelerating, becoming a new driving force for development.Driven by this, the automation market rebounded strongly, in which the upgrade demand under the trend of intelligent manufacturing became the highlight, and 'transformation' and 'upgrade' became the hot topic.The annual event attracted more than 1,000 participants, including enterprise representatives, government/park leaders, and experts from academic societies/industry associations.


Nowadays, the Internet of things technology is developing rapidly and is accelerating its evolution.Since the concept of the Internet of things (iot) was proposed, new developments in computer science have provided new technical impetus for the iot.As a technology company in the Internet of things industry, PTC company is closely distributing the Internet of things market, and its development speed in the past few years has been recognized by the industry.


Dr. Chen jizhong, the pre-sales technical director of the defense industry of PTC company with many years of industry experience, mentioned in the speech delivered at the CAIMRS conference:

Intelligent manufacturing is an advanced manufacturing mode relying on the Internet of things technology/industrial Internet platform. The integration of information technology and operation technology has become a key factor to promote intelligent manufacturing.Iot platform is the basic technical means to realize intelligent manufacturing. IT/OT integration can realize the Internet of everything and real-time analysis.It is the goal of enterprises' strategic transformation to intelligent manufacturing to rapidly build APP applications based on the Internet of things platform and realize business innovation.PTC has further strengthened its position as a market leader in PLM industrial software with the Internet of things (industrial innovation) platform.On the basis of gradually building a sound intelligent manufacturing technology system, PTC also gives Suggestions on the road map of intelligent interconnected product SCP, intelligent interconnected operation SCO and intelligent interconnected service SCS for the digital transformation of enterprises.

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