BMW Group choose PTC PLM solution and ThingWorx Navigate

Published: 2018-12-26

Windcill provide important support for the global digital production of automobiles

PTC recently announced that BMW Group has chosen PTC Windchill solution to support its production and BOM management.Windchill will help BMW Group to configure global cars and put them into production.The award-winning PLM solution will help BMW Group improve efficiency and streamline its global production planning process.In addition, BMW Group also chooses the ThingWorx Navigate role-based solution to help the ecosystem access product data quickly and easily.Both solutions are available through the subscription licensing model.

BMW Group will utilize the powerful function of Windchill to configure the data of large and complex vehicle structures, so as to achieve the goal of globalized mass production of vehicles and improve the flexibility and quality.The ThingWorx Navigate will enable multiple production plans at the same time, which in turn will help BMW Group Navigate to a shorter overall launch time.

Windchill is a reliable end-to-end PLM solution that integrates the core PLM functionality with PTC's ThingWorx industrial innovation platform and the ThingWorx Navigate role-based application.Through ThingWorx Navigate, companies are able to greatly simplify data access, resulting in much greater productivity and collaboration.Users can access accurate product data without complex processes.The ThingWorx Navigate enables multiple production plans at once, helping users Navigate the product development cycle and the total time to market.

Jim Heppelmann, global President and CEO of PTC, said:

It is a great honor that BMW Group chooses Windchill and ThingWorx Navigate to support its digital transformation.We are honored to help BMW Group improve the design and production efficiency of cars.

About PTC

PTC helps global companies transform the way they design, manufacture, operate and serve to build an intelligent connected world.PTC innovated digital 3D design in 1986 and took the lead in introducing internet-based PLM to the market in 1998.Today, its industrial innovation platform and proven solutions can help businesses integrate the physical and digital worlds to achieve business value.By partnering with PTC, the global ecosystem of manufacturers, partners, and developers can leverage current iot technologies and augmented reality to drive future innovation.
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