In the digital transformation of outdoor home furnishing industry, ZhongYi PLM is starting

Published: 2018-12-26


In the transition process of enterprises to the information society, how to keep up with the development of The Times, maintain the competitiveness of enterprises and the management ability of modern enterprises, for all enterprises with lofty aspirations, is a question worth pondering.

In April, the PLM project launch conference of hangzhou ZhongYi industrial co., LTD was successfully held, marking the official start of the PLM of ZhongYi and the official start of the journey of digital transformation.

P1  ZhongYi Introduction

Founded in 1999, ZhongYi co., ltd. is committed to the design, development, production and international market development of outdoor leisure furniture.Over the years, ZhongYi has been growing with high-quality outdoor life in foreign countries, and its products have spread to more than 30 developed countries and regions such as Europe, the United States and Australia, becoming one of the most influential enterprises in the global outdoor home furnishing industry.


P2  Project Background

ZhongYi is currently in a high-speed development stage.For the outdoor home furnishing enterprises with fashionable products and rapid changes, they need to pay great attention to market demand, product planning, design innovation, project management, talent flow, process management, technical service information and other aspects to seize the competitive advantage.

How to ensure the safety and orderly management of data while striving to improve the management of research and development?How to realize the integration of product-related data, process and resources?How to achieve standardized management?These have become a new concern for managers.



P3  Project goals

PLM can help enterprise unified information island in the process of product development and design, promote integration ability, optimization of information transmission and management process, and through the company information, building bridges among production, procurement, service and quality of information, centralizing manage product data about design, research and development, and provide strong support for the company's technology development decision-making.



In the ZhongYi PLM project, the following will be achieved:

Building an enterprise-level single and accurate product data management platform;

Establishing the standard system of r&d management to improve the business standardization;

Establish enterprise-level public parts library to improve design efficiency;

Rapid and effective design review to improve the collaborative efficiency;

Establish closed-loop engineering change process;

Establish knowledge sharing database to accumulate enterprise knowledge and experience.

P4  The voice of clients

Sun kai, director of research and development department of ZhongYi, said,'the overall driving force of the project is that PLM system can help ZhongYi to standardize the production process of product data from the design source and improve the standard design level and design efficiency.Achieve the full integration of r&d technical data and ERP system, and get through the upstream and downstream of products through the management of one thing one yard and BOM flow.'

'The PLM project is very important and urgent at a time of intense market competition, increasing pressure on corporate profits and market volatility caused by the trade war between China and the United States.'Zhang hui, assistant general manager of ZhongYi, concluded, 'the long march has started. ZhongYi chooses Megalink to establish a modern management system and realize the digital transformation of the enterprise, which is not only a high recognition of the professionalism of Megalink service team, but also a witness of the deep cooperation between the two sides.'

We believe that with the joint efforts of both parties, ZhongYi industrial, a very influential enterprise in the outdoor home furnishing industry, will further release its creativity and set up a benchmark in the industry through the perfect and personalized PLM system.

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