Fangdian Cloud
Fangdian Cloud
As the industry leading information technology experts, years of service in various industries, following the US iMe Grampian launched another independent product - Austin party, to help companies build information technology, restructuring, structured and effective use of information technology. To ensure the stability, unity, relevance, structured technical information, which can effectively prevent the loss of technology; cloud deployment solution convenient operation, security and stability, on-line time is short, to facilitate enterprises to effectively manage and protect their technology, help the development of enterprises And take off, and the new international information management approach.
What is Fangdian?
Fangdian is an online cloud service based on the experience of serving customers in various industries for many years. It is designed to provide a convenient, efficient cloud service system, to promote enterprise data management technology conversion from unstructured to structured, improve compliance, consistency and fast enterprise data management technology.
  • 01
    Content reuse
  • 02
    Simplified translation
  • 03
    Complete Collaboration Model
  • 04
    Style and content separated
  • 05
    Multi-channel quick release
  • 06
    Improve the management of spare parts
  • 07
    Support DITA standard
The product is so good
Service team is also professional 
  • Expert Advisor Implementation Team
  • Technical support operation and maintenance team
  • What is the value of Fangdian?
    Information creation and management costs by 50%
    Technical documentation multi-channel, multi-format quick release, time costs 90%
    Multi-language version of the document is easy to form, translation is reduced by 50%, quality is increased by 50%
    Help companies achieve service transformation, improve customer satisfaction by 50%
Fangdian China's first enterprise-class Technical information management cloud platform Technical information cloud management Efficient accessibility Full support for DITA standards
TEL:+86 0755-2955 6666
FAX:+86 0755-2788 8009
TEL:+86 0755-2955 6666
FAX:+86 0755-2788 8009
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