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Megalink can provide solutions for heavy industry The value that Megalink can create for the heavy industry Service technology information solution Today, most of the technical information creation processes are discontinuous and outdated, producing traditional static, document-centric publications.
This leads to outdated product information and is difficult to find and understand in a service environment. include:
· The degree of data sharing and reuse is not high
· Long development cycle: for example, a 2000-page maintenance manual will cost at least 1 person per month.
 And it takes a lot of effort to find multiple applications for the same change.
· The accuracy is limited, uncontrolled development of quality: Especially for changes involve the same content multiple reuse, often spend a lot of energy, but still flawed
Realization value Technical information management solutions provide in-depth product knowledge throughout the product lifecycle
Thereby improving product performance and service performance, including:
· Shorten the development and release cycles: for example - sets repair manual typesetting and publishing can be reduced to 2 months to 4 weeks
· Published improve accuracy: Reuse the accuracy of the information modification is expected to reach 100%.
Service technology information solution Service parts information(SBOM)Accuracy directly affects the time and parts utilization used to solve problems during service
Megalink provides a way to define and illustrate parts for service, ie maintenance of SOM
Significantly reduce repair parts errors and waste associated with manual processes and static parts lists
By providing configuration-specific graphical point of service parts lists, service personnel can quickly find the right parts
Thereby improving first repair rate, increasing uptime and reducing part errors

· reduced manual formatting by 35%

· no need to update duplicate information (30%)

· increased productivity of authors by 25% through reuse of content

· reduce the time required to create animated or interactive content by 58%

· reduce the time required to search content by 50% through electronic interactive technology

· improve the accuracy and applicability of information and reduce service errors caused by inaccurate information by 30%

· shorten the corresponding time for customer problems, and provide customers with timely and effective technical services

· increased sales of accessories and services by 5% 

· reduce the time required to complete the service and improve the service efficiency 

· reduce the number of calls handled by the call center by 10%

  • Service technology information solution: EPC electronic spare parts portal system
    Service technology information solution: EPC electronic spare parts portal system
    Problem solving

    Meijialin electronic spare parts portal system (EPC), combined with the mature EPC solution developed by meijialin with years of SBOM and EPC service experience in the engineering machinery and automobile industry, solves the online parts information display and ordering, establishes the electronic sales portal of enterprise spare parts, and solves the common problems faced by enterprises at present.Such as:

    Unable to quickly utilize enterprise r&d and production data;

    Lack of online access to parts structure information;

    Lack of 2D / 3D/animation multimedia display;

    Unable to find accessories quickly;

    Unable to query component structure information based on VIN code;

    It is not convenient to instruct maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance.

    Realization value
    Fast realization of electronic spare parts catalog information display;Improve user experience, improve customer satisfaction;Reduce the time required to search content by 50% through electronic interactive technology;Improve the sales rate of parts and increase the profit of after-sales parts.
Customer case
  • Zoomlion
  • Zoomlion Heavy Industry Science and Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, mainly engages in the r&d and manufacturing of major high-tech equipment needed for infrastructure construction, such as construction engineering, energy engineering, environmental engineering and transportation engineering. It is a global enterprise with continuous innovation.Since its establishment 21 years ago, zoomlion has achieved an average annual compound growth rate of over 50%, making it a rapidly growing construction machinery enterprise in the world.The company produces 13 categories, 86 product series and nearly 800 leading products with complete independent intellectual property rights, and is a construction machinery enterprise with complete global product chain.

    • Realize the whole life parts information management and maintenance, improve spare parts sales;Realized 'SBOM as the center of a machine a file' parts atlas production, atlas system fast automatic release;Improve the accuracy and effectiveness of parts atlas;Through electronic interactive technology, three-dimensional illustration technology to improve the quality of the final electronic parts atlas, improve customer satisfaction.
    • Established electronic parts atlas system;The part atlas data system based on service BOM (SBOM) is established.Standardize change management, effectively transfer and control design change to SBOM and parts atlas;The integration with middleware system, ERP system and marketing management platform realizes the transfer and sharing of basic information of each business system.
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