Choosing the right platform is the core of IoT-driven business transformation,
Customer satisfaction, streamline processes, distort competition, find new ways to expand their business
Explore end-to-end functionality
Proven IIoT platform
  • ThingWorx Industrial IoT Platform
    ThingWorx is an industrial innovation platform for developing industrial IoT applications and augmented reality (AR) experiences.
  • ThingWorx is your industrial innovation platform
    Things ThingWorx is not just a platform, it provides the functionality needed to promote industrial innovation enterprise, with flexibility and scalability.ThingWorx using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning technology industry IOT data into insight.
Change your operations with a market-proven platform
ThingWorx can provide rapid industrial innovation for your organization
  • Optimize business processes and combine real-time data with existing enterprise systems to increase efficiency
  • Improve customer experience and leverage connectivity and enterprise system data to improve service, support and availability
  • Differentiated products and service products can accelerate the pace of innovation
  • Drive new revenue streams and unlock new business models and opportunities
  • Realize the value of product data
    Today's management device generates huge amounts of data both important and challenging

    ThingWorx is a proven industrial innovation platform that worksCreate industrial iot applications and augmented reality experiences quickly and easily.

    ThingWorx automatically performs complex industrial physical network analysis processes.And provide real-time insights, predictions and solutions.

    ThingWorx provides the ability to define, monitor, manage, and optimize linked devices,Function of process and system performance.

    ThingWorx links different devices, systems, and applications forIndustrial iot applications and augmented reality experiences provide multiple data source access.

    ThingWorx provides a powerful platform for creating,Deploy and leverage the industrial Internet of things to make you a game changer.

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