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    • EPC Electronic spare parts portal system
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    • Problem solving

      Today, most technical information creation processes are discontinuous and outdated, producing traditional static, document-centric publications.This makes product information obsolete and difficult to find and understand in a service environment, including::

      The level of data sharing and reuse is not high

      Development cycle is long: a 2,000-page maintenance manual, for example, takes at least one person a month to type.And applying multiple changes to the same change requires a lot of effort to find.Limited accuracy.

      Development quality is out of control: especially for changes that involve multiple reuses of the same content, it often takes a lot of effort and still leaves gaps.

      Realized value

      Technical information management solutions provide in-depth product knowledge throughout the product life cycle to improve product performance and service performance.Include:

      Shorten development and release cycle: for example, a set of maintenance manual layout and release can be reduced from four months to two to four weeks.

      Improve publishing accuracy: the accuracy of reusing information after modification is expected to reach 100%.

      Achieve on-demand publishing: achieve automatic publishing according to project configuration requirements.



    • Problem solving

      In 2015 the ministry of transport and formulate implementation measures for the administration of automobile maintenance technology information openness, which specify the car producer shall establish and improve maintenance technology system of information disclosure, in accordance with the public the enterprise obtains the national CCC certification and has set up a sale car maintenance technical information, and shall be responsible for the authenticity of public information, accuracy.

      Realized value

      In the form of webpage, it is convenient for end users to search and use information, reduce operation time and save cost

      Achieve the maintenance information published, provide PDF download and web browsing

      Implement maintenance information purchase and browsing rules

      Achieve maintenance information query and retrieval

      Shorten publication time of maintenance informationIntegration with after-sales technical information management system to realize incremental 

      Update of maintenance information



    • Problem solving

      The accuracy of the information service with spare parts (SBOM) directly affects the service when used to solve the problem of the utilization of time and parts, Megalink definition and graphical service with the method of the parts, namely the SBOM maintenance, can significantly reduce the maintenance errors, as well as with manual processes and static parts list related waste, through the service to provide specific configuration illustrated parts list, service personnel to more quickly find the right parts, so as to improve the repair rate for the first time, increased uptime and reduce the parts.

      Realized value

      Improve the compilation of after-sales service information

      Reduces manual formatting by 35%

      No need to update duplicate information (30%)

      Reusing content increases productivity by 25%

      Reduces the time required to create animated or interactive content by 58%

      To provide customers with high quality after-sales technical services

      Electronic interactive technology reduces the time required to search for content by 50%

      Improve the accuracy and applicability of information and reduce service errors caused by inaccurate information by 30%

      Shorten the corresponding time for customer problems, and provide customers with timely and effective technical services



    • Problem solving

      Meijialin electronic spare parts portal system (EPC), combined with the mature EPC solution developed by meijialin with years of SBOM and EPC service experience in the engineering machinery and automobile industry, solves the online parts information display and ordering, establishes the electronic sales portal of enterprise spare parts, and solves the common problems faced by enterprises, such as:

      Unable to quickly utilize enterprise r&d and production data;

      Lack of online access to parts structure information;

      Lack of 2D / 3D/animation multimedia display;

      Realized value

      Fast realization of electronic spare parts catalog information display;

      Improve user experience, improve customer satisfaction;

      Reduce the time required to search content by 50% through electronic interactive technology;

      Improve the sales rate of parts and increase the profit of after-sales parts;


      EPC电子备件 门户系统

    • Problem solving

      With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry in the past decade, a large number of products have been produced for customers to use.Now these products have entered the after-sales warranty stage, and more and more enterprises have realized that the quality of product warranty service has a crucial impact on customer satisfaction and corporate profits. At the same time, the following major problems need to be solved:

      How to deal with customer's warranty request quickly and effectively.

      How to control the cost of warranty service.

      How to improve product quality through warranty service.

      How to generate revenue through warranty service.

      Realized value

      Fast realization of electronic spare parts catalog information display;

      Automatic verification of product warranty coverage.Through a large number of business rules set, automatic approval of warranty claims cases, to provide work efficiency;

      Centralized management of warranty, return and supplier recovery business, reduce the cost of enterprise warranty claims;

      Achieve closed-loop warranty analysis and statistical report, promote the continuous improvement of product quality;

      Provide better contract opportunities and renewal services, and increase new sources of profits;

      Reduce the time required to search content by 50% through electronic interactive technology;

      Improve the sales rate of parts and increase the profit of after-sales parts;



    • Problem solving

      With the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry in the past decade, a large number of products have been produced for customers to use.Customers and after-sales service personnel will raise many problems requiring technical support for the use and maintenance of products.Faced with a large number of technical support problems, enterprises are faced with the following challenges:

      How to document all issues for each product in a consistent manner and data format.

      How to quickly and effectively monitor and address these technical support issues.

      How to reuse solutions to previous technical support problems.

      How to improve product quality and customer satisfaction through technical support.

      Realized value

      A product-centric and unified data source to document all technical support issues.

      Using product problem data for analysis can help enterprises find out product defects and problems and improve product quality.

      Timely monitor and remind the delayed product problem handling tasks to reduce product failure time and improve customer satisfaction.

      Make statistics on the efficiency of internal staff in dealing with product technical support issues, and help them improve efficiency and reduce enterprise costs.

      Reuse solution knowledge of previous product technical support problems to improve work efficiency



    • Problem solving

      Visually decompose complex machines;

      Highlight failure components and show steps for replacing or installing components;

      Enable each technical service person to access service history and collaborate with service supervisor experts in real time;

      Realized value

      Visual maintenance guidance, improve maintenance efficiency;

      Customer independent service to reduce maintenance costs;

      Remote expert guidance to reduce travel and training costs;



    • GEELY
    • Saic motor
      Saic motor
    • Cheung kong
      Cheung kong
    • success case

      Zhejiang geely holding group, founded in 1986, with total assets of more than 100 million yuan, has been ranked among the world's top 500 enterprises for five consecutive years.

    • success case
    • success case
      • In order to solve the standardization of spare parts engineering business process, maintenance and release of spare parts master data, and maintenance and release of catalog data, geely after-sales spare parts department is in urgent need of information system to deal with spare parts engineering, spare parts release, spare parts ordering and other businesses.At the same time to meet the state requirements for maintenance information disclosure regulations.
      • A solution based on iMe TIMSReceive SBOM and JT files and configuration information from TC, receive SBOM for accessory list at SIM end, receive JT files for 3D technical illustrations, build information structure according to service structure, and finally publish the map book information and information structure to TIS. At TIS end, filter display map book through VIN number or configuration option, and submit it to e-commerce platform through shopping cart.
      • To meet the requirements of the administrative measures on the disclosure of technical information of automobile maintenance.Achieve one car gear retroactively loading parts and late change required parts maintenance.Realize the multi-language management of directory publishing data, and make the system automatically associate the multi-language translation work to meet the global use.Grasp the timeliness and accuracy of data maintenance and conduct performance evaluation such as workload by analyzing the operation index statement.
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